Tahitian NONI

on Rabu, 16 Desember 2009

I have a lot of spam every day, many of which are often useless and dangerous. Many of them contribute purely words. Well, today was no exception, but this time the e-mail (two in 15 minutes!) Were very personal, and includes photos of beautiful ladies. She wants to sell Tahitian Noni Juice! I think they knew that had to do. The name of this blog, as well as links to the bottom of my post gave some hints. He asked me, in my opinion, and it is for everyone to read.

Let me state clearly that I do not think people know this woman is a fraud, but still people trapped Sting cheated.

Now, when you got my email, read this blog entry, and said: you can not say that they were not warned. Now, if the sale of goods is, the legal and moral responsibility to increase their voluntary because of ignorance in the face of warnings that he received, and strong evidence that this is a well known fraud.

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